Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates: October 15th – October 19th

  • Ms. Pavlicek and Mrs.Hogan (teachers from the Burlington Science Center) visited all of the first graders. They led our tree walk exploration. We visited an oak tree, a maple tree and a pine tree and we took photos of the entire tree, the bark, the leaves and the seeds. We are going to use our photos in a book that we will write next week.
  • In science we observed a real maple tree, oak tree and pine tree leaves and seeds and made sketches of each to record our observations.
  • We finished unit 2 in math. This past week we were working on solving word problems with addition and subtraction equations.
  • In Fundations we are working on spelling and reading words with digraphs. The digraphs we’re learning about are: ch, sh, ck, wh, and th.
  • We worked on a Fun Friday project. We painted fall trees and we’re working on an acrostic poem about fall.
  • Mrs. Moules taught us about playground safety this week. She also taught us about how we can stay healthy and protect ourselves from getting and spreading germs.
  • Mr. Scarpulla let us glue together our skeletons.

Classroom Updates: October 9th – October 12th

  • We had our Boosterthon Fun Run! It was a glow run in the gym because of the rainy weather. Every child got a glow bracelet and every student in our class was able to run 35 or more laps within the time span that we had. Our class raised $1,197.50. The entire school raised over $20,000. It was a huge success!
  • We learned about bus safety this week. We practiced safely exiting a bus through the emergency back door exit.
  • In science we started a new experiment. We planted seeds and we are going to be observing the roots of the plants we planted. We will discuss what we think the functions of the roots are.
  • In math we are practicing our doubles and near doubles facts.
  • Mrs. Moules taught us how to play scooter tag.
  • Mr. Scarpulla had us cut out the body of the skeletons we made for Day of the Dead and he helped us connect them to the skulls.
  • Mrs. Harrigan showed us some new instruments. We used the sand blocks, wood blocks, tambourines and a thunder shaker that makes a thunder noise.

Classroom Updates: October 1st – October 5th

  • Mrs. Harrigan taught us a new song in music class. It was a drum song and we got to use drums.
  • Mr. Scarpulla had us finish the bodies for our Day of the Dead skeletons in art class.
  • Mrs. Moules showed us how to use hula hoops in different ways. We spun the hula hoops with our hips, we bounced them on the ground and bounced them up into the air.
  • We did a science experiment to determine what the function of a stem is. We put a piece of celery into a cup with either red or blue food coloring. After 2 days of being in the cups we got to observe how the celery changed. We used magnifying glasses and we recorded our predictions and observations in our science journals.
  • In math we finished our first unit. We started unit two. We are working on developing our fluency with addition and subtraction facts within 10.
  • In Fundations we are learning how to read and spell words that have a digraph in them. Digraphs we learned are: ch, sh, ck, wh, and th.
  • We started our school fundraiser. If you’re interested in donating please check out To register your child you will need our school code: 214918.
  • We also wrote about our special memories from the month of September.
  • On Friday we worked on a Christopher Columbus fun Friday project with all of the first graders. We watched a Brainpop Jr. video about Christopher Columbus too.

Classroom Updates: September 24th – September 28th

  • In Fundations we worked on tapping to spell and tapping to read CVC words and we learned some new trick words.
  • In math we are working on solving problems that involve putting together and taking apart.
  • We started a new science unit. We are learning about plant parts and functions. We used magnifying glasses to observe details about plants and how they use their parts to survive.
  • Mr. Scarpulla taught us about symmetry and had us color a symmetrical skeleton from the movie Coco.
  • Mrs. Moules taught us stations in p.e. class.
  • Mrs. Harrigan taught us a new dinosaur song. We had different movements to match the different dinosaurs we sang about.
  • We had a school assembly with Mr. Rosenblatt to talk about Be the One tickets and how we can earn special whole school rewards.
  • We showed off our best smiles for school picture day.
  • We earned a whole class reward for our great behavior. We chose to celebrate by having pajama day.

Classroom Updates: September 17th – September 21st

  • We wrote letters for our parents for Back to School Night.
  • We made a video of our classroom. We wanted to show our parents all the important parts of our classroom. Please check out our video on Seesaw using the QR code on the Seesaw hand out from Back to School Night.
  • In math we are working on solving addition and subtraction word problems.
  • In Fundations we are learning how to tap to spell and read CVC words. For more information about our Fundations please refer to the Fundations packet in the red folder from Back to School Night.
  • We met our reading teachers and reading classmates this week. We’re learning our reading classroom routines.
  • We all have our own journals that we write in when we are in our reading classes.


Classroom Updates: September 10th – September 14th

  • This week we had lots of opportunities to use our iPads for the first time. We started ST Math. We love playing math games with Jiji (the penguin from ST math)!
  • In p.e. class we played Monkey in the Middle – Fox Hill style.
  • Mrs. Harrigan taught us lots of new songs in music class. Some of the songs we sang were The Circle Song, The Goodbye Song, The Froggy Song and The Bubblegum Song.
  • Mr. Scarpulla had us draw a picture of something we like.
  • We read The Best Part of Me during fun Friday and we wrote about what our favorite body parts are and why. Check out our display of “The Best Part of Me” at Back to School Night.
  • We read Jack’s Talent and wrote about what we are experts at. Check out our writing at Back to School Night!
  • We used the iReady app on our iPads to take a reading assessment.
  • We had our first visit to the library. We will get a scheduled library time once we start our reading classes.


Classroom Updates: September 4th – September 7th

  • We had our first day of first grade! We met our new classmates. We are learning all about one another.
  • We shared and wrote about our hopes and dreams for first grade.
  • We created classroom rules and we are learning how to follow our 4 rules. Our rules are: be kind, be responsible, be respectful and be safe.
  • We read lots of books! A few of the books we read are: First Day Jitters, This School Year Will Be the Best, Miss Nelson is Missing, Miss Nelson is Back, One, The Recess Queen, and The Crayon Box that Talked.
  • Mr. Rosenblatt invited us to a whole school assembly. We met Mr. Rosenblatt and we learned a little bit about him and what his expectations for us are. We also had a fun, quick dance party at our assembly.
  • We had our first art class, p.e. class and music class this week.
  • On Friday the whole first grade worked on a fun Friday project. We listened to Mrs. Carroll read The Crayon Box That Talked. Then we all decorated our own crayons to show how each one of us is unique. When we put all of our crayons together our grade one class is complete. Our crayons will be on display in the hallways. Look for them at Back to School Night.
  • During math class we had time to explore the various math manipulatives that we will be using throughout the year. We also practiced writing our numbers.
  • It was a fabulous first week in first grade!
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