Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates: June 18th – June 22nd

  • We wrote award certificates for our classmates.
  • As a class we completed 90% of the first grade ST Math program!
  • We had our end-of-the-year math assessment.
  • Mrs. Foster visited the first grade to present different reptiles and she talked about their parts they need for survival as well as the function of those parts.
  • Mr. Musselman visited with the first grade to present a show about sound.
  • We had an end-of-the-year assembly to celebrate Mrs. Johnson before she leaves for her retirement.
  • This past week was school spirit week. We showed our school spirit by dressing up for America Monday, tourist Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, top hat Thursday and flag Friday.

Classroom Updates: June 11th – June 15th

  • In music class we played games.
  • We had our last day of reading class this week. We are bringing home our journals and reading notebooks.
  • In art class we had free draw time.
  • We wrote about a special June memory.
  • We read a story outside and made hopscotch boards using sight words instead of numbers.
  • In science we got to design and create our own tide pool creatures. Ms. Pavlicek and Mrs. Hogan tested our creatures to see if they would survive in a real tide pool environment with crashing waves and rocks.  We had to have at least 4 body parts for our creature and we had to say what each part’s function was.
  • On Friday we had a picnic lunch.
  • We made Father’s Day projects for our dads.

Classroom Updates: June 4th – June 8th

  • We are learning about how to measure the length and height of objects in math.
  • We finished our Fundations unit on adding an -es suffix to a two syllable word.
  • In science we learned about tide pools and different tide pool creatures such as sea urchins, sea stars and crabs.
  • On Wednesday we went to the tide pools in Marblehead. We learned about different tide pool creatures and about their parts and functions.
  • In art we glued caps to our project.
  • In music we learned a new song called Brother John.

Classroom Updates: May 28th – June 1st

  • We had field day. We played hula hoop tag, relay races, and a water relay as well as a game called Bucket Brigade and we also got to draw with sidewalk chalk.
  • We wrote about our special memories from the month of May.
  • Claire’s mom came to visit us as a mystery reader. She read a fairy tale called The Emperor’s New Clothes.
  • In p.e. class we played a game. You had to put a jump rope in a circle around our feet. We jumped in and out with two feet and one foot.
  • In art we put pictures into Artsonia.
  • We finished topic 11 in math.
  • We watched the 4th and 5th graders perform in the school concert.
  • Miss Amanda from the Burlington Public Library visited us to tell us about the summer reading programs happening at the library this year.



Classroom Updates: May 21st – May 25th

  • We are learning about sound in science. We made kazoos out of toilet paper rolls, wax paper and elastic bands. We used tuning forks to investigate what causes sound. We also investigated the sounds of our voices and how pitch affects the vibrations we feel.
  • In math we are working on subtracting 2 two-digit numbers. We have used open number lines and hundred charts to help us solve subtraction problems.
  • In reading classes we are working on end-of-the-year reading assessments. We are reading stories and answering questions about them.
  • We learned about Memorial Day. We watched a video of a read aloud of Eve Bunting’s The Wall.
  • Mrs. Johnson visited our classroom and read us a story. The book she read is called What Does it Mean to be Global?
  • In p.e. class we played Hungry Hippos. 3 kids on scooters go out to the floor at one time and try to scoop as many balls as they can into baskets. Whoever gets the most balls wins.
  • In art we uploaded our overlapping pictures onto Artsonia.

Classroom Updates: May 14th – May 18th

  • We worked on procedural writing this week. We wrote procedural posters on how to plant a seed and we also made flow charts to teach our readers how to do something.
  • We finished topic 10 in math and took our topic 10 test.
  • In math we also took the Symphony math test on our iPads.
  • In Fundations we are learning about writing and reading two syllable words with -s, -ed, and -ing suffixes.
  • In science we are starting to learn about sound. We are investigating what causes sound.
  • We made flowers for a fun Friday project.


Classroom Updates: May 7th – May 11th

  • We are learning how to add 2 two-digit numbers in math.
  • We made special gifts for our mothers for Mother’s Day.
  • In writing we are learning about procedural writing. We made procedural posters about how to plant a seed.
  • In reading class we took the iReady test on chromebooks.
  • In music we sang All Around the Daffodils with a parachute.
  • In art class we made a sketch of overlapping.
  • In p.e. class we played kickball basketball.

Classroom Updates: April 30th – May 4th

  • We had our field trip to Legoland. We built models of springtime scenes. We also got to build racing structures with legos, see a 4D lego movie, go on rides and visit the play structure.
  • We wrote about a special memory from the month of April.
  • We planted pumpkin seeds.
  • In math we started topic 10. We are adding 2 two digit numbers and using mental math to add tens to 2 digit numbers.
  • In music we sang All Around the Daffodils. We also got to sing it outside.
  • In p.e. class we had to practice our throwing and catching. One person was a catcher, one person was a thrower. The catcher had to catch the balls in the bucket.
  • We worked on Mother’s Day projects.
  • Blades, the Bruins mascot, came to Fox Hill for a pep rally to cheer the Bruins on in the Playoffs.

Classroom Updates: April 23rd – April 27th

  • We completed our class report about alligators.
  • In Fundations we are working on reading and writing words with two syllables.
  • In reading class we are reading fairytale plays.
  • Julia Cook came to visit Fox Hill to talk to us about some of the books she’s written. She read I Can’t Believe You Just Said That, I am a Booger…Treat Me with Respect!, and I Want to be the Only Dog. We got a book order form from Julia Cook. She will autograph and personalize all books. Order forms need to be returned to Fox Hill by May 4th.
  • Ms. Pavlicek came to the Fox Hill library with some live animals for Earth and Science day.
  • In math we finished topic 9 and took our topic 9 test. We learned how to compare two 2 digit numbers using greater than, less than and equal to symbols.
  • We wrote to Jiji the penguin for his birthday and told him how he helps us in math.

Classroom Updates: April 9th – April 13th

  • We are learning the parts of the violin and we’re playing them in music class.
  • In art class we got to bring home our pinch pots and we were working on overlapping with houses and trees and bushes.
  • We are working on comparing 2 two digit numbers in math and finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number.
  • In p.e. we played a game called Wizards. There are evil wizards and good wizards. The evil wizards go behind the black line and the good wizards have to block the potions that they’re throwing.
  • In science we have been researching alligator body parts and functions. We are getting ready to write our class report on alligators.
  • We finished our Fundations unit on words with 5 sounds and words with -ed and -ing suffixes.
  • Elijah’s mom was our mystery reader this week. She read Jame O’Rourke and the Big Potato.

Classroom Updates: April 2nd – April 6th

  • We are reading books about alligators to help us do our research for our alligator report.
  • In math we have been learning about place value and we’ve been identifying how many tens and ones make up a two digit number.
  • In Fundations we are learning how to spell words with 5 sounds, words with an ed suffix and words with an ing suffix.
  • We are recording facts we learn about alligators in our research notebooks.
  • In music we listened to Mozart’s music.
  • We played tee ball in p.e. class.
  • In art we are working on overlapping with caps.

Classroom Updates: March 26th – March 29th

  • In science we have been reading about alligators and adding some research about alligators to our science notebooks.
  • We wrote about our special memories from the month of March.
  • Kali Flanagan played on the USA Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. She is a former student of Fox Hill and now attends Boston College. She visited our school and allowed each child to hold her gold medal from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. We also took a picture with Kali.
  • In math we took our test on topic 7 and we started topic 8. In topic 8 we will be learning about place value.
  • In Fundations we took our test on words with long vowel patterns.


Classroom Updates: March 19th – March 23rd

  • In writing we are learning about how to write a report. We will be researching alligators and writing a report about how alligators use their body parts to survive.
  • Ms. Pavlicek visited our classroom with a real alligator. We were able to observe the alligator and ask her questions about how an alligator uses its body parts to survive.
  • The high school students came to Fox Hill to perform a part of their play, Pippin.
  • In math we are working on counting groups by tens and ones.
  • We painted our pinch pots in art.
  • In p.e. we played a game called Sink the Boat.
  • We took a Peter in the Wolf quiz in music class. We had to tell Mrs. Medico the character name and the instrument each character played.

Classroom Updates: March 12th – March 16th

  • We started topic 7 in math. We will be learning about counting to 120 in this topic.
  • In science we started to talk about animal parts and functions. We made me maps. We traced each other’s bodies on large paper and labeled the different body parts that we knew of. We discussed some of the body parts we labeled and we talked about what the functions of those parts are.
  • In reading we are working on spelling and reading words with a long vowel pattern. We are learning about the vowel – consonant – e pattern and we are also learning about vowel teams.
  • Abigail’s mom was a mystery reader this week. She read a book called Silly Goose.
  • On Friday the first graders listened to a story called The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow. We made individual rainbows after we read the story. We each thought of 6 different words that described us. Then we wrote one word on each color of the rainbow and connected the colors to a cloud that had our name on it.
  • We played a Peter and the Wolf matching game in music class.
  • In p.e. class we did bowling.

Classroom Updates: March 5th – March 7th

  • Amani’s mom was our mystery reader this week. She read You Can Do It, Sam.
  • We learned how to write a friendly letter. We each wrote a letter to one of our classmates and we mailed them through the Fox Hill Post Office. The fifth graders will be running the Fox Hill Post Office for 4 weeks.
  • We took our topic 6 math test. Topic 6 was about organizing and interpreting data. We learned how to read tally charts and how to make picture graphs to represent data we collected.
  • We started to learn about long vowels in fundations. We’re learning about words with the vowel consonant e pattern.

Classroom Updates: February 26th – March 2nd

  • We read some Dr. Seuss stories this week. We read Cat in the Hat and The Hat in the Cat Comes Back.
  • Naomi’s mom visited us as our mystery reader. She read Between the Tides and she showed us some models of tide pool creatures.
  • Mrs. Fortunato visited us for a math lesson this week.
  • In math we are learning about how to organize data in a graph and how to interpret data in a graph.
  • We wrote about a special February memory.
  • In music we are learning about Peter and the Wolf.
  • In art we are learning about texture and we are using foil and sharpies and buttons to create texture.
  • In p.e. class we are working on throwing balls at a target with felt skates on.
  • We also had the Closing Ceremonies for the winter Olympics in p.e. class.
  • 5th graders read to us for Read Across America day.

Classroom Updates: February 12 – February 16th

  • In art class we finished our tree branches and trees. Our clay pinch pots are almost finished. We also had time for free draw this week.
  • Ms. Tomassian, Marissa’s mom, was our first mystery reader. She read us a story by Robert Munsch called Andrew’s Loose Tooth.
  • Mr. Musselman came to Fox Hill to teach the first graders about the night sky and patterns that we can find in our night sky and also in the day sky. First graders got to go inside of the star lab to hear Mr. Musselman’s presentation and see a model of the night sky.
  • On February 14th we exchanged valentines with our classmates.
  • We celebrated our 100th day of school. We had math stations with 100 items at each station. We had to work with a partner to create something out of the 100 items. The items were 100 dominoes, 100 pattern blocks, 100 popsicle sticks and 100 snap cubes.
  • In p.e. class we had scooters and we had three scooters together. Two people sat on the scooter and 1 person had to push both of them. We were practicing luge for the Winter Olympics.
  • We read Jack and the Wolf in music class.
  • We earned a whole class reward for our excellent behavior. We chose to have game day and we had some time to play the different games that our classmates brought in.
  • We learned about President’s Day. We watched Brainpop Jr. videos about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.



Classroom Updates: February 5th – February 9th

  • In p.e. we learned more about the Winter Olympics. We learned about luge and practiced luge using scooters and dividers in p.e. class.
  • Our class took a photo in front of the flag of Croatia. Each classroom at Fox Hill is representing a different country in the Winter Olympics. Our class is representing Croatia and our picture with the flag of Croatia will be displayed in the gym alongside all of the other classrooms and their countries.
  • In math we finished topic 5. We learned how to make true equations.
  • We recorded our published personal narratives on the Seesaw app.
  • We wrote about our special memories from the month of January.
  • We took our test on consonant blends and digraph blends in Fundations.
  • In art class we learned about trees and textures.

Classroom Updates: January 29th – February 2nd

  • We had an assembly with Mrs. Johnson about creativity and curiosity. We shared our projects about creativity that were inspired by the book Not a Box.
  • We published our personal narratives. We also each read our personal narrative to our classmates.
  • In math we worked on making true equations. We also worked on solving problems that had three addends.
  • In p.e. class we had to roll the balls in front of us and try to get them in the center of the gym.
  • We read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in music class. We used our own words to make it a very good day for Alexander.
  • In art class we tried to make a pine tree branch with crayons.


Classroom Updates: January 22nd – January 26th

  • In writing we edited and revised our personal narratives with Mrs. Sawyer. We are now starting to publish our personal narratives.
  • We completed topic 4 in math and we are just starting topic 5.
  • In Fundations we are learning about consonant blends in words.
  • The first graders came together to listen to a story called Not a Box. We then created our own illustrations of what we could turn a box into. We are going to present our drawings at next week’s assembly which will be about creativity and curiosity.
  • In art class we made sculptures called pinch pots.
  • In p.e. we practiced speed skating. We are learning about all the winter sports that will be at the Olympics in February.

Classroom Updates: January 16th – January 19th

  • In reading class we took the iReady computer test.
  • In writing, we are learning about personal narratives and we are starting to write our own personal narratives.
  • We have been learning how to use and explain different strategies that we can use to solve addition or subtraction problems in math.
  • We earned our 5th postcard in ST Math. We have now completed 50% of the 1st grade ST Math program.
  • In music we played a game. We had to put our foot up when we heard the violin, we had to skip when we heard the hum, and we had to kneel when we heard the guitar.
  • In art class we made a 2018. We used scissors, crayons and paper to make it.
  • In p.e. we played floor hockey. Mrs. McCall’s class wore yellow and Mrs. Moules class wore blue.

Classroom Updates: January 8th – January 12th

  • Mrs. Johnson met with the first grade to talk to us about her upcoming retirement.
  • The whole first grade listened to a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. read aloud.
  • We wrote why we think certain words from the book about Martin Luther King Jr., Martin’s Big Words, are powerful.
  • We are learning about the features of a personal narrative and have read and listened to some examples of personal narrative writing.
  • In math we are learning about related equations and fact families.
  • In art class we painted clay pumpkins.
  • We played floor hockey in p.e. class.
  • We learned a song from Denmark called Seven Jumps in music class.


Classroom Updates: January 2nd – January 3rd

  • We are learning about glued sounds in Fundations and we are working on spelling and writing words that have the following glued sounds: /ang/, /ank/, /ing/, /ink/, /ong/, /onk/, /ung/ and /unk/
  • We wrote about a special memory from the month of December.
  • We also wrote New Year’s resolutions for 2018.
  • In math we are learning about subtraction. One of the strategies we are using to help us subtract is counting back on a number line.

Classroom Updates: December 18th – December 22nd

  • Our families came to watch us perform in the Peppermint Parade!
  • We finished topic 3 in math and we took our math test on solving problems by adding to 20.
  • Ms. Scheffer showed us how to upload pictures and drawings onto the Seesaw app.
  • We wrote about holidays we celebrate and who we celebrate those holidays with.
  • We made holiday cards and gifts for our parents.
  • In science we created models of a plant. We had to label the parts on our models and explain what the function of each part was.

Classroom Updates: December 11th – December 15th

  • In math we worked on doubles-plus-two facts and we also made 10 to help us add numbers to 20.
  • We made our headbands for the Peppermint Parade.
  • We read a book about different winter holidays around the world.
  • We had two practices for the Peppermint Parade.
  • In p.e. class we had to knock the snowman down by getting around the blockers.
  • In art class we made pumpkins with paint.
  • We practiced our Peppermint Parade songs in music class.
  • The fourth and fifth graders performed in the winter concert and we watched them perform during a whole school assembly.
  • Ms. Scheffer taught us how to use Seesaw and we uploaded our tree books to Seesaw.
  • We got to shop for holiday gifts at the school’s holiday shoppe.

Classroom Updates: December 4th – December 8th

  • We had a practice for the Peppermint Parade. It was our first opportunity to practice saying our poems on the stage and our first time using a microphone.
  • We finished our tree books. We made the book on an app called Book Creator.
  • We are learning about the “s” suffix in Fundations. We have been making words with an “s” suffix.
  • In math we started topic 3. We practiced our double facts and double-plus-one facts this week.
  • We made invitations for our families for the Peppermint Parade.
  • All of the first graders came together to work on a fun Friday project. We listened to The Gingerbread Man story and we made gingerbread glyphs.
  • In music we practiced our songs for the Peppermint Parade.
  • In p.e. we did jump rope and we practiced tying our shoes.
  • We are still working on our bad hair day pictures in art.


Classroom Updates: November 27th – December 1st

  • In math we finished topic 2 and took our test on adding and subtracting. We are starting topic 3 which will teach us about addition facts to 20.
  • We wrote about our special memories for November.
  • We had our first rehearsal for the Peppermint Parade. We practiced getting on and off the stage and we practiced singing our songs.
  • Ms. Scheffer helped show us how to make a book on the Book Creator app. We are making a book about our tree walk and the different types of trees, seeds and leaves that we saw on our walk.
  • We made our final observations of the roots we were growing in our science experiment. We learned that roots hold a plant in the ground and that they absorb the water from the ground.
  • In p.e. class we practiced jump roping.
  • In music we are learning a song with sign language for our Peppermint Parade performance.

Classroom Updates: November 20th – November 22nd

  • In p.e. we had to throw balls to knock the buckets down on the other team. Whichever team had the most buckets standing at the end won.
  • In music we practiced our songs for the Peppermint Parade.
  • We thought about things we wished for and we wrote about our wishes.
  • We observed the roots that are growing on our plants. We sketched the roots and wrote about our observations in our science journal.
  • We made leaf wreaths and on each leaf we wrote about something that we are thankful for.
  • We got our poems for the Peppermint Parade.

Classroom Updates: November 13th – November 17th

  • We planted sunflower seeds. We are going to observe the roots and learn about the function of the roots.
  • In math we learned how to count back on a number line to subtract. We also learned that it doesn’t matter what order the addends are in when you write an equation. For example, 3 + 2  is the same as 2 + 3.
  • We observed and sketched real examples of maple, oak and pine leaves and maple, oak and pine seeds. We talked about whether or not seeds and leaves have parts.
  • In Fundations we are learning about the /am/ and /an/ glued sounds.
  • In p.e. class we practiced single jump rope and double jump rope.
  • We made pumpkins in art class if we were finished with our bad hair day paintings.
  • We learned our third song for the Peppermint Parade in music class.

Classroom Updates: November 6th – November 8th

  • In music class we learned two songs for the Peppermint Parade.
  • We read a book about Veterans and we wrote letters to Veterans.
  • We read a couple of different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and we went on our field trip to see a performance called Jack and the Giant.
  • In p.e. class we did jump rope.
  • We had a community circle with Mrs. Johnson to talk about problems we are having in our grade level and how we can go about fixing those problems.
  • In math we reviewed double facts and we talked about how knowing our doubles facts by heart will help us solve near doubles facts. For example, if we know 5 + 5 = 10 then we know 5 + 6 = 11. 5 + 6 is a near doubles fact.

Classroom Updates: October 30th – November 3rd

  • We learned our first song for the Peppermint Parade in music class today.
  • In science we talked about parts of plants and their functions. This week we talked about stems and we did a celery experiment to learn about the function of a stem.
  • We recorded our observations from our science experiment in our science journals. 
  • We wrote about our special memories from the month of October.
  • In p.e. class we played Hula Hut. You had to build a hut made out of hula hoops. The blockers block the hula huts and the throwers throw balls at the hula hut to try to knock it down. The retrievers get the balls to give the balls to the throwers.
  • In art class we finished our bad hair day pictures and our all about me pictures.
  • In math we started topic 2. We are learning how to count on to add and we are practicing doubles facts.

Classroom Updates: October 23rd – October 27th

  • In science we got to observe plants with magnifying glasses. We recorded our observations in our science journals. In our new science topic we will be learning about parts of plants and the functions of those parts.
  • In math we finished topic 1. We solved word problems using addition and subtraction.
  • In Fundations we practiced spelling words with digraphs and words with bonus letters.
  • In writing we made posters about the four seasons.
  • The learning Commons hosted Global Maker Day. The theme was creating kindness. We made a video about what kindness means.
  • Our homeroom earned our first whole class reward this week. We made a list of ideas for rewards that our whole class could enjoy. Some of our ideas were pajama day, iPad free choice time, extra recess, bring a stuffed animal to school and watch a movie. The class voted to watch a movie. On Friday we watched a movie that featured 3 different books about the different seasons. The 3 stories we saw were: Bear Snores On, Waiting for Wings and Come on, Rain!
  • In music we did a do, re, mi warm up and then we learned a dinosaur fossil song.
  • In p.e. class we did stations to practice different games we’ve learned.
  • In art class we worked on our bad hair day pictures.
  • We had crazy hair day on Friday.

Classroom Updates: October 16th – October 20th

  • We learned about the four seasons this week.
  • We chose a season to write about and made posters that listed reasons why the season we picked is the best season.
  • In Fundations we finished our unit about digraphs and we are beginning to learn about bonus letters. When a short vowel word ends in an f, l, or s (and sometimes z) we add a second f, l, s or z to the end of the word. Some examples are: hill, well, miss, toss, off, and puff.
  • In math we are learning how to add and subtract to solve problems. We are also learning words we can use to compare amounts such as more and fewer.
  • Officer Schipelliti came to our school to talk to us about bus safety. We practiced exiting a bus through the back emergency door.
  • We went to the Fox Hill Book Fair this week with our reading classes.
  • In p.e. class we played scooter soccer.
  • In art class we made bad hair day pictures using the different lines we learned about and then we colored them.

Classroom Updates: October 9th – October 13th

  • We are starting to learn about the four seasons in science.
  • In math we finished topic 15 and are starting topic one. In topic one we are learning how to solve addition and subtraction problems.
  • In Fundations we are working on reading and spelling words that have digraphs. Sh, wh, ck, th and ch are the digraphs we are learning.
  • In reading classes we are learning how to do literacy centers and we are getting ready to start meeting with our teachers for guided reading lessons.
  • Mrs. Johnson met with the first graders this week. We had a community circle discussion to talk about how we can be kind, respectful, responsible and safe members of our community.
  • In music class Mrs. Medico read us a pumpkin book. We practiced sounds that we heard in the book.
  • In p.e. Class we learned how to use the hula hoops. We spun them on our arms, legs and waist.
  • In art class we learned how to make different kinds of lines. We made zigzags, wavy lines, curved lines and straight lines.

Classroom Updates: October 2nd – October 6th

  • Mr. Musselman visited all of the first grade classrooms to teach us about our shadows and the patterns in the sky related to the position of the sun at certain times of the day.
  • We are learning about persuasive writing and we have listened to persuasive read alouds including: I Wanna Iguana, The Day the Crayons Quit, and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.
  • In math we are learning about equal shares, halves and fourths.
  • In Fundations we are learning about digraphs. Digraphs are two consonants together that make one sound, such as: ch, sh, ck, wh, and th.
  • We worked on a fun Friday project. We watched a BrainPOP Jr. video about Christopher Columbus. For our project we made Christopher Columbus sailing on his ship.
  • In music class we sang Five Little Pumpkins.
  • We played Monkey in the Middle in p.e. Class.


Classroom Updates: September 25th – September 29th

  • We wrote about a special memory from the month of September.
  • In Fundations we continued to learn about how we can tap to read and tap to spell CVC words.
  • We took our topic 14 test in math on 2-D and 3-D shapes.
  • In music we practiced a song called Five Little Pumpkins.
  • In p.e. we were learning about playground safety.
  • In art class we made self portraits.
  • We are working on building our stamina with independent reading in our reading classes.


Classroom Updates: September 18th – September 22nd

  • In p.e. class we played Monkey in the Middle.
  • In art class we made pictures of something that represented us, something that we liked.
  • We met our reading teachers and reading classmates this week.
  • We wrote about what we want to be when we grow up.
  • We learned about 2-D and 3-D shapes in math.
  • In math we used our iPads to take our Symphony math tests.
  • In Fundations we are learning how to read and spell CVC words.


Classroom Updates: September 11th – September 15th

  • Mr. Murphy helped us setup our iPads in the Learning Commons.
  • We read lots of books this week. Some of the books we read were: Jack’s Talent, Wemberly Worried, Chrysanthemum, Same, Same but Different, Only One You, and David Goes to School.
  • We wrote letters to our parents for Back to School Night.
  • We took our iReady reading assessment on computers.
  • In math we are learning about shapes and their attributes.  
  • Mrs. Johnson had an assembly with grades K-2 about belonging at Fox Hill School.
  • We started ST math with Jiji the penguin. We play ST on our iPads.

Classroom Updates: September 5th – September 8th

  • We met all of our new classmates this week and we are learning about one another.
  • We had our first music class, art class and p.e. class this week.
  • We explored math tools like the snap cubes and pattern blocks.
  • We had our first fun Friday. We read The Crayon Box That Talked and then we made a crayon project.
  • We wrote about our hopes and dreams for first grade.
  • We talked about our classroom and school rules. We have four classroom and school rules. They are: be kind, be safe, be respectful and be responsible.
  • We read lots of books this week. Some of the books we read were: First Day Jitters, Miss Nelson is Missing, Miss Nelson is Back, One, How Full is Your Bucket, The Recess Queen, I Like Myself and This Will Be the Best School Year Ever.
  • We had our first community circle with Mrs. Johnson to talk about how we can “be the one” in our school.


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