Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates

Classroom Updates: June 12th – June 16th

  • We had field day on Monday. We played hula hoop tag, bucket brigade, water relay races, regular relay races and we also played with sidewalk chalk. We also watched the teachers play volleyball with the 5th graders.
  • In math we finished topic 15. We learned about halves and fourths.
  • We wrote our special memories for the month of June.
  • We made our dads books for Father’s Day.
  • On Tuesday we participated in the Fox Trot. We walked, jogged and ran around the school. Some of us completed 10 laps within the half hour time slot.
  • On Wednesday we went on our field trip to the tide pools in Marblehead. We found Irish moss, seaweed, kelp,  mussels, periwinkles, whelks, sea stars, hermit crabs and rock crabs.
  • On Thursday we had dress up day and we congratulated the 5th graders after their graduation ceremony.
  • We got to sit wherever we wanted to sit in the cafeteria during lunch this week as a part of the spirit week celebration.

Classroom Updates: June 5th – June 9th

  • In music we watched the second grade dress rehearsal performance of their multicultural show. They sang songs. We also played Fiddle Sticks.
  • In p.e. we played a game called Balls to the Barrel.
  • In art we finished our butterflies.
  • In math we finished topic 14 and started topic 15. Topic 15 is about equal shares of circles and rectangles.
  • In science we started to learn about tide pool plants and animals.
  • We wrote our special memory pages for the month of May.
  • We published and shared our personal narratives.
  • We worked on a fun Friday project for Father’s Day.
  • We had our final week of reading class and Fundations.

Classroom Updates: May 30th – June 2nd

  • We published our personal narratives and we each read our own story to the class.
  • We had a community circle with Mrs. Johnson. She read us One and we talked about how we can “be the one”
  • In music class we played a game called Fiddle Sticks.
  • In p.e. class we practiced relay races to prepare for Field Day.
  • In art class we traced butterflies. They had to be symmetrical.
  • We learned about 3-D shapes in math this week. We counted the faces, vertices and edges on different 3-D shapes.
  • We are building two syllable words with an -es, -ed, -ing or -s suffix in Fundations.
  • We had a rally for Brian Lee. He is a second grade student at Fox Hill who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. We made posters for him and sent him well wishes.
  • We watched a video about tide pool creatures to help us learn about the various tide pool creatures that we may find on our upcoming field trip.


Classroom Updates: May 22nd – May 26th

  • In music class we played Grizzly Bear. For this game all of the kids hold hands in a circle. One person is the grizzly bear and that person goes in the middle of the circle. One person is the hunter and that person walks around the outside of the circle while the people in the circle sing a song. The hunter stops walking when the song stops. The two people he/she stops near open their hands and the grizzly bear has to tag the hunter before the hunter gets back to his/her original spot.
  • In p.e. we did chinese jump rope.
  • In art class we started making butterflies. We have to trace shapes onto the bottom and top wings. When the shapes are finished we color the insides of the shapes and we fill in the backgrounds with color too.
  • We did a fun Friday project. We learned about Memorial Day. We made American flags.
  • In math we started topic 14. We are learning about 2-D shapes.
  • We worked on personal narrative stories this week in writing. Next week we will each pick one story to publish.

Classroom Updates: May 15th – May 19th

  • We finished painting ladybugs in art class.
  • In music class we watched a music video.
  • In p.e. class we played kickball basketball.
  • In Fundations we built two syllable words with long vowels.
  • In math we learned how to tell time to the hour and to the half hour. We finished topic 13 in one week.
  • We started working on personal narratives. We are writing personal narratives about a small moment in our lives.
  • Lena’s mom was a mystery reader this week. She read us Miss Nelson is Back.


Classroom Updates: May 8th – May 12th

  • In p.e. we played a game called Hungry, Hungry Hippo. We use scooters to scoop the balls off the floor and then we bring them to our hoop. Whoever gets the most balls in a certain amount of time wins.
  • In music class we danced to music. We read a story called Giraffes Can’t Dance.
  • In art class we finished painting our birds and ladybugs.
  • We had an assembly about kindness. We wrote kind pledges.
  • In writing we made recipes and put them together in a class cookbook for our moms.
  • We also made our moms Mother’s Day cards and coupon books.
  • In math we had our test on measuring. We are starting to learn about how to tell time to the hour and half hour on an analog clock.

Classroom Updates: May 1st – May 5th

  • We planted sunflower seeds. It should take 1-2 weeks for them to sprout.
  • We made procedural posters about how to plant a seed.
  • In math we worked on measuring items in the classroom with snap cubes. We learned about length and height.
  • In fundations we are working on words with two syllables.
  • We are also working on a special (top secret) Mother’s Day project.

Classroom Updates: April 24th – April 28th

  • In music we made maracas.
  • In art we finished painting our birds.
  • In p.e. we practiced throwing balls underhand and overhand.
  • We did a fun Friday project. We made sunflowers.
  • We finished topic 11 in math. In topic 12 we will be learning about measurement.
  • We learned about flow charts. We got to make our own flow charts to teach someone how to do something. We had to pick something that we could explain in 3-5 steps.
  • We wrote about our special memories from April.
  • Danny’s mom was our mystery reader this week. She read Bob Not Bob to us.
  • In Fundations we are learning about words with long vowels and two syllable words.

Classroom Updates: April 10th – April 13th

  • In writing we published our book about bears.
  • In science we made posters about chicks, their body parts and their functions.
  • In math we subtracted 2 two digit numbers.
  • We continued to work on painting our birds in art.
  • We played some games in music. We played Lucy Locket Lost her Pocket. Someone hid a stick. Another person was in the middle of our circle to look for the stick. We would sing a song and we would sing louder when the person looking got closer to the stick and softer when the person got further away from the stick.
  • We did t-ball in p.e. class.
  • Ms. Pavlicek came to see us and she showed us how to tap a maple tree.
  • We had a field trip to see Miss Nelson’s Missing.

Classroom Updates: April 3rd – April 7th

  • We made flowers to decorate the classroom door for spring. 
  • In p.e. we played t-ball.
  • We wrote about our special memories from March.
  • In art class we watched a video about pop art and we saw a very famous artist and some of his paintings.
  • In music we played a bean bag toss. If you throw a bean bag into a quarter note space you have to say quarter note one beat to get a point. If you don’t say it correctly you do not get the point.
  • We finished our pages for our bear book.
  • We got to see the chicks out of the brooder box.
  • Ms. Pavlicek talked to us about maple sugaring.
  • Daniel’s dad was our mystery reader. He read us Amelia Bedelia.
  • In math we took our topic 10 test. Now we are on topic 11. We are learning about subtracting 2 two digit numbers.
  • We had a community circle with Mrs. Johnson.

Classroom Updates: March 27th – March 31st

  • In math we added 2 two digit numbers. We used place value blocks, open number lines and drawings to help us solve problems.
  • In fundations we are working on words that have five sounds and words that have ed, and ing suffixes.
  • In writing we finished our research for our book about bears. We started to make our pages for our class book.
  • In science we observed our chicks hatch. We had seven eggs. Four hatched. We have four chicks: two girls and two boys.
  • Garvit’s mom was our mystery reader this week. She read Substitute Creacher.
  • In p.e. We played a game called Wizards.
  • In art we mixed colors to make new colors. Some of the colors we made were: green, turquoise, purple and brown.


Classroom Updates: March 20th – March 24th

  • In p.e. we did bowling. We bowled with big, heavy gold balls.
  • In art we drew space pictures. We had a substitute teacher.
  • In music we used pictures from movies. From each movie there was a song that had the same name as the animal in the picture.
  • We had an assembly with Ms. Pavlicek about the chicks. We learned about eggs. The smallest egg is a hummingbird egg, the biggest egg today is an ostrich egg and the biggest egg ever is an elephant bird egg. Elephant birds are extinct today.
  • We did mental math this week adding tens and ones to a two digit number. We also used open number lines to help us add tens and ones.
  • We did research about bears during writing. We looked at different bear books and wrote facts we learned in our science notebooks.
  • Lots of friends saw acts of kindness this week! Teresa saw Isabel helping her friend picking up things that had fallen on the floor. Aidan saw Havish helping a friend zip up his lunch box. Eesha saw Ridhaan helping a friend tie her shoe when it was knotted. Garvit saw Danny helping a friend find his lost glove.

Classroom Updates: March 13th – March 17th

  • In p.e. we did bowling.
  • In art we painted our pinch pots.
  • In music we colored Peter the Wolf pictures.
  • We took our topic 9 test in math. In topic 9 we compared two digit numbers.
  • In science we learned about animal’s parts and their functions. We sorted models of animals according to their parts.
  • We learned a strategy we can use to help us record information we learn when we do research. We read a nonfiction book about animals and drew picture clues about one thing we learned from each page. Next week we will use this strategy when we start our research about bears. Our class will be writing a class book about bears.
  • We saw a video about egg candling. Ms. Pavlicek showed us how she can tell if the egg is fertilized. All of the fertilized eggs went back into the master incubator.
  • The incubator for our classroom arrived. Mrs. Sawyer will set it up and the chick eggs will be here on March 27th.
  • We worked on a fun Friday project. We read Leprechaun on the Loose. Then we made rainbows. We thought of adjectives that described ourselves. Each color of our rainbows displayed different words we wrote to describe ourselves.


Classroom Updates: March 6th – March 10th

  • We painted our pinch pots at art class.
  • In science we are learning about animals. We traced our bodies on big pieces of papers with partners. We had to label our body parts.
  • In p.e. we did four square hockey.
  • We saw a video about chicks and we saw the master incubator. Our chicks went into the master incubator on March 8th. It will take them 21 days to hatch.
  • We had three mystery readers this week. Drew’s dad read The Book With No Pictures and The Days the Crayons Quit. Malik’s parents also came in this week and they read us One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.
  • In math we learned about comparing two numbers. We started using greater than, less than and equal to signs to compare two 2 digit numbers.
  • In Fundations some of us are learning about closed syllables and some of us are learning about long vowels.
  • We made a book for Malik and we read it to him. He is moving to Dubai on Monday. We will miss him!

Classroom Updates: February 27th – March 3rd

  • In art we worked on overlapping to make a picture.
  • We played four square hockey in p.e. class. We had a game against Mrs. Doyle’s class and our class won.
  • We read The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in The Hat Comes Back. Then we made “follow-the-directions” drawings of the Cat in the Hat.
  • Mr. Musselman and Ms. Pavlicek came to Fox Hill and did a show about electricity for the whole school.
  • In music we played a game. You had to listen to the instruments. There were percussion, brass, woodwind and string instruments. You had to move to a certain spot in the room when you heard a specific type of instrument.
  • In math we finished topic 8. We started topic 9. In topic 9 we will learn about comparing numbers.
  • We made lion and lambs for a fun Friday project and we wrote about times when we are as loud as lions and as quiet as lambs.
  • We had our first mystery reader. Sydney’s mom read Ada Twist, Scientist.

Classroom Updates: February 13th – February 17th

  • In p.e. class we played Sink the Ship. It’s a game to help us aim in bowling.
  • In math we did counting groups of tens and leftovers (ones).
  • In music we watched a movie. It was called The Sword and the Stone.
  • We wrote letters to our book buddies for the Fox Hill Post Office. We got to mail them in the mailbox that is in our pod.
  • We had a party in a bag on Valentine’s Day which was also the 100th day of school.
  • We exchanged valentines on Valentine’s Day.
  • We made certificates for counting to 100 by ones, fives and tens.
  • We went inside the star lab. Mr. Musselman taught us about the stars and the constellations.
  • We learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We made a project with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for President’s Day.

Classroom Updates: February 6th – February 10th

  • In math we finished topic 7. We started topic 8. Topic 8 teaches us about tens and ones.
  • In p.e. we did basketball stations. We also played a game called Keep Away which helped us practice dribbling the ball. We only had 26 seconds (while you say the ABC’s) to keep the ball to yourself while someone is trying to get it from you.
  • In art we practiced overlapping.
  • In music we played a game. Someone closes their eyes. The class sings a song about missing keys and when the song is over they open their eyes they have to find who has the keys.
  • In writing class we wrote stories about pictures we drew.

Classroom Updates: January 30th – February 3rd

  • In p.e. class we did basketball. We threw the basketballs in the hoop.
  • We wrote our special memory for January.
  • In music class we drew Mr. and Mrs. Pacman. Instead of the math symbol of more and less we used music symbols for soft and strong.
  • In science we made a Earth that orbits the sun and the moon that orbits the Earth. We also watched some Brainpop Junior videos about the sun and the moon.
  • In art class we made pinch pots.
  • We learned about Groundhog Day and made predictions of whether or not we would have an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter.
  • We had an assembly about Ella Fitzgerald. We listened to some of her songs and learned about jazz music.
  • In the mornings we now write in a journal each day during morning work time.

Classroom Updates: January 23rd  – January 27th

  • In p.e. class we dribbled balls. There was music playing and when the music stopped we had to stop dribbling the balls. The last person in the game was the winner. We are learning about basketball.
  • In music class we did our very soft and very strong tempos with the drums.
  • In art class we used paints and we drew a background for our paint to go in.
  • In science we talked about the moon, the sun and the earth.
  • We took our topic 6 test in math. We started topic 7. We are counting to 120 by ones and tens.
  • Our kindness finder this week was Aidan. He saw Malik helping Raphael carry things into the classroom. He also saw Havish sharing his eraser with a friend.

Classroom Updates: January 17th – January 20th

  • In p.e. class we played Survivor Island. You throw animal bean bags or a ball to a person on the other mat. You have to catch as many as you can. If you drop the balls on the gym floor they become “fish food.” The winning island is the team who has collected the most “food”.
  • Mrs. Sawyer demonstrated a cartwheel and a walking hand stand for us during p.e. because we were learning gymnastics.
  • Mrs. Fortunato visited us during math this week. We learned about tally marks and picture graphs.
  • We had our hero assembly. The whole first grade made a movie about heroes for the assembly.
  • Fourth grade students from the “technology help desk” came to help us type up our persuasive list poems on google drive.
  • We wrote persuasive letters. Mrs. Sawyer wrote a letter to her son, Vince, to persuade him to eat his vegetables. 
  • We played a card game in music. You had to match the same cards and if you got a match you could keep them. Whoever had the most matches won. The cards had music notes on them.

Classroom Updates: January 9th – January 13th

  • In p.e. we did gymnastics. We learned log rolls and pencil rolls as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical balances.
  • In music class we played Busted. If you pick out a stick that says “busted” you lose all of your sticks. You keep your stick if you say the musical note correctly but if you say it wrong you have to put it back in the jar. Whoever has the most sticks at the end of the game wins.
  • In art we made balloons. We traced our hands and put colors in rainbow order. We overlapped the circles so we could make a different color.
  • In math we took our topic 5 test.
  • We talked about heroes. We read about police officers and we also read about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • We wrote about our everyday heroes.
  • We did a fun Friday project about Martin Luther King Jr.

Classroom Updates: January 3rd – January 6th

  • In math we learned how to make true equations. We also added three numbers together and found the sum.
  • We wrote personal goals for the year 2017.
  • We did a writing assignment about being stuck in a snow globe.
  • In music we cut out puzzles.
  • In p.e. we used hula hoops.
  • We read Millions of Snowflakes and If a Cold Lady Swallowed Some Snow and we did a “catching snowflakes” Fun Friday project.
  • Ridhaan joined our class on Tuesday. We were excited to meet him. He is a good listener, helpful and kind. We now have 18 students in our class.

Classroom Updates: December 19th – December 23rd

  • In art we learned about colors.
  • In p.e. we did an obstacle course.
  • In music we learned about The Nutcracker.
  • In math we talked about what it means for both sides of an equation to be equal and we worked on making true equations.
  • In Fundations we worked on making words with an “s” suffix.
  • Ms. Scheffer taught us about a new app called the Hour of Code.
  • We had our Peppermint Parade!
  • We read The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly, we made penguins for a fun Friday project and we watched Happy Feet.

Classroom Updates: December 12th – December 16th

  • In p.e. class we played a snowman game. We had snowmen built out of buckets and we tried to knock them down with snowballs. The team with the most snowmen standing were the winners.
  • We did a practice on the stage for the Peppermint Parade. We said our poems and sang our songs.
  • In music we are learning the songs in the Nutcracker and we’re learning dances to go with the music.
  • In art we learned how to make bees.
  • We made our Peppermint Parade headbands.
  • We also made winter decorations for our classroom door.
  • In math we started a new topic. We had our test on topic 4.
  • We went to the 4th and 5th grade winter concert.
  • We wrote advertisements for the Peppermint Parade.
  • Havish was our kindness finder this week. He saw Raphael help Eesha find her missing ticket. He also saw Teresa getting a lunchbox for her friend because her friend forgot it in the cafeteria.

Classroom Updates: December 5th – December 9th

  • We had a practice for the Peppermint Parade with Mrs. Ray’s class.
  • In p.e. we practiced jump roping at different stations.
  • In music we danced to a Nutcracker song.
  • In math we worked on addition and subtraction story problems.
  • We made invitations for the Peppermint Parade.
  • We earned a whole class reward for our good behavior. We had stuffed animal day and got to bring our animals to school.
  • We did a fun Friday project. We each made a gingerbread glyph.


Classroom Updates: November 28th – December 2nd

  • We had our first Peppermint Parade practice.
  • We learned a new poem about owls.
  • In p.e. class we practiced jump rope.
  • In music we sang our Peppermint Parade Welcome Song.
  • We earned our class reward in music. Our reward is watching a movie.
  • In art we colored pictures of butterflies, dinosaurs, flowers and mazes.
  • Mrs. Fortunato worked with our class in math for three days. We learned how to make 10 to subtract.
  • In fundations we are working on glued sounds: /am/ and /an/ and some classes are working on the s suffix.
  • We wrote our special memory pages for the month of November.
  • Teresa was our kindness finder this week. She saw Eesha giving a friend at recess her jacket. She also saw Havish giving a friend her jacket when she forgot it.

Classroom Updates: November 21st – November 23rd

  • We started our new math topic. We’re learning about subtraction.
  • We got a new post card from Jiji. We have completed 30% of ST math. Jiji is in Mexico.
  • We learned about owls and made owls.
  • We wrote thank you letters to people we are grateful for.
  • We had our whole school vocabulary parade. Our words were: incandescent, ecstatic, jungle, sun, vehicles, strong, calculator, champion, hockey, calendar, pedestrian, wings, currency, recycle, edible, celestial, disguise and decadent.

Classroom Updates: November 14th – November 18th

  • In p.e. we played a game called Scooter Soccer.
  • In music we played instruments. We used some drums and some buckets.
  • In art class we made cartoon bees.
  • In math we worked on story problems and we had our topic 3 test. We also played a subtraction game called Roll and Record.
  • We made videos for the final page in our tree books (on our iPads). In our videos we shared three things we learned about plants.
  • In Fundations we’re learning about words with glued sounds (all, am, an) and bonus letters.
  • We earned a whole school reward this week. We got to listen to music while we were having lunch.
  • Elliot was our kindness finder this week. He saw Sydney helping pick up papers that her friend dropped, Havish was getting straws at lunch for the friends sitting next to him. Elliot also saw Raphael helping a friend carry items into the classroom.

Classroom Updates: November 7th & 9th

  • In math we made 10 to help us add.
  • In Fundations we worked on making words with bonus letters.
  • In science we made a model of a plant.
  • We learned about Veterans Day and made a Veterans Day book.
  • In p.e. we practiced long jump rope.

Classroom Updates: October 31st – November 4th

  • In p.e. class we did the long jump rope. We were pretending the jump rope was a baby snake. We also played a game called Midnight with the long jump rope.
  • We wrote about our special memories from October.
  • Ms. Pavlicek brought us around the school on a tree walk. We saw a maple tree, an oak tree and a pine tree. We took pictures of the trees, the bark of each tree and the seeds and leaves of each tree.
  • We started a project on our iPads. We are using Book Creator to make a book about the trees we saw on our tree walk. Ms. Scheffer helped us with our project.
  • In music we heard a song called Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.
  • Most of us finished our self portraits in art. If we finished we got to do free draw.
  • In math we practiced double facts and doubles plus one facts and doubles plus two facts.
  • Eesha was our kindness finder. She saw Emma and Sydney helping a friend who forgot a jacket at recess. She also saw Lena bring a lunch box to a friend who left it at lunch.

Classroom Updates: October 24th – October 28th

  • In p.e. we played a game where we knocked down penguins. It was called Penguins in the Pumpkin Patch.
  • In art we finished self portraits and had free draw.
  • In music we played a game called Fish for Tempo. We also played Musical Go Fish.
  • We did a fun Friday project. We read The Biggest Pumpkin Ever and we made our own pumpkins.
  • In math we learned a new game. It’s called Five in a Row. We also used number lines to help us solve addition equations.
  • In science we observed and sketched oak leaves and seeds, pine leaves and seeds and maple leaves and seeds.
  • Raphael was our kindness finder this week. He saw Emma helping a kindergarten student who was hurt at recess. He also saw Eesha helping a student who fell at recess. He saw Isabel helping a friend reach a book. He saw Teresa being a helpful friend and he saw Havish helping someone reach his lunch card.

Classroom Updates: October 17th – October 21st

  • We made animals out of shapes for our fun Friday project.
  • At music we got to learn about the speeds and tempo of music.
  • In p.e. class we played a pumpkins and ghouls game.
  • We worked on our faces for our self portraits in art and we finished our final copies of our self portraits.
  • We observed the roots and stems from the sunflower seeds that we planted last week.
  • We watched a Brainpop video about the parts of plants.
  • We tried a new app that showed us the parts of a plant and we created our own plants on the app.
  • We got our first post card in ST Math. We completed 10% of the ST Math program. Jiji is in West Virginia. We’ll get another post card from him when we complete 20% of ST Math as a class.
  • In Fundations we learned about digraphs: th, sh, ch, wh and ck. Digraphs are two consonants that make one sound when they are together.

Classroom Updates: October 11th – October 14th

  • In music we played a game. We fished for fast tempo and slow tempo music.
  • In p.e. we had stations. We had to bounce a hula hoop, jump a hula hop, spin a hula hoop on your leg, wrist and hips.
  • In art we worked on our skin colors for our self portraits.
  • In math we used a number line to count back when we were solving subtraction problems.
  • In writing we made diagrams with labels and captions as a part of our informative writing unit.
  • In science we talked about the functions of stems. We did an experiment with carnations. The stems were split and one part of the stem was in blue water, the other part was in red water. After one day the white carnation changed color. Half of it was blue and the other half was red.
  • We also talked about the function of roots in science and we started an experiment. We planted sunflower seeds at the edge of a clear cup. We are going to observe the roots that grow and will learn about what the function of the roots are.
  • We had our field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo. Each group observed a different animal. Students wrote about their animal in their research notebooks.

Classroom Updates: October 3rd – October 7th

  • We worked at literacy centers in our reading classrooms.
  • We learned about Christopher Columbus at Fun Friday. For our Fun Friday project we made Christopher Columbus sailing on his ship in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • We learned how to do a science experiment. We put celery in water with blue food coloring. We observed what happened and learned about the function of a stem.
  • We learned how to do doubles facts in math.
  • In p.e. class we learned how to swing a hula hoop on your arm and on your hips. We also learned how to make a hula hoop hop.
  • We learned a new poem called Autumn Leaves.
  • In music we learned how to sing a new goodbye song.
  • In art class we worked on our skin colors and faces for our self portraits.

Classroom Updates: September 26th – September 30th

  • We met our reading teachers and classmates this week.
  • We are finishing our book scavenger hunts with our book buddies.
  • We reviewed topic 1 in math and took our topic 1 math test.
  • In p.e. we played Monkey in the Middle “soccer style” and we also did stations.
  • In art we finished our heads and skin color for our self portraits.
  • We sang “The Greeting Song” in music class.
  • We talked about the four seasons in science and we wrote about our favorite seasons.

Classroom Updates: September 19th – September 23rd

  • In p.e. Class we played Monkey in the Middle.
  • We did a fun Friday project. We read The Apple Pie Tree and drew pictures of our favorite parts.
  • In music class we played a game called Grizzly Bear.
  • In Fundations we practiced writing our letters. Some letters are plane line letters, some letters are sky line letters and some letters are worm line letters.
  • In math we practiced writing and solving addition and subtraction equations.
  • We started to learn about the four seasons in science. Thursday was the first day of autumn.
  • We got our iPads this week and put our pictures on them.
  • We started ST Math. We are learning our passwords.


Classroom Updates: September 12th – September 16th

  • We read with our book buddies. We were working on a book scavenger hunt with them.
  • We had an assembly with kindergarten, first grade, second grade and Mrs. Johnson. We talked about belonging.
  • Some of the books we read were:  Wemberly Worried, Chrysanthemum, How Full is Your Bug, The Interrupting Chicken
  • In math we learned the word equation and we worked on subtraction and addition.
  • We took a reading test on a computer.
  • We read Harry the Dog in music class. We learned how to make different sounds in music class.
  • In p.e. we played ABC tag, Happy Birthday tag and we learned our color in groups.
  • We earned our first whole class reward for good behavior. We voted on having an extra recess.

Classroom Updates September 6th – September 9th

  • We met our new classmates and teachers!
  • We learned about our classroom and school rules: be responsible, be respectful, be safe, be kind.
  • We did math papers and we used math tools. Some of the math tools we explored were unifix cubes, pattern blocks and power polygons.
  • We got our music note in Mr. Z’s music class moved up for good behavior.
  • We read lots of books. Some of the books we read were: Miss Nelson is Missing, Miss Nelson is Back, The Colors of Us, One, The Recess Queen, This School Year Will Be the Best and First Day Jitters
  • In Mrs. McCall’s p.e. class we played ABC tag.
  • We met our fourth grade book buddies. We will read with them every Friday.
  • Ms. Green talked to us about expected and unexpected behaviors.
  • We had our first fun Friday project. We read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. You’ll see the projects that we made at Back to School Night.
  • We wrote about our hopes and dreams for first grade.

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